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What Is the Best Form of Rehab for Couples?

Any couple who has been contemplating the idea of going to rehab may be wondering…what is the best option for our situation?

American addiction centers are now reporting that the biggest increase of people needing their services has been amongst couples in the last few years.

In fact, in 2020 alone, more than twice as many people sought help for addiction issues as they had a decade ago, and 50% of those seeking treatment for their substance use disorder were married or partnered couples.

That said…going to couples’ rehab can be an incredibly scary and difficult decision.

Making the decision to go to couples’ rehab is never going to be easy.

Whether you have decided that you both need to go for the same type of substance abuse treatment, or you both have different types of drug addiction or alcohol addiction, it’s important you realize you’ve already taken the hardest step…

Deciding to go into rehab for couples is a brave and bold move, and it is the first real step toward both of you dealing with your substance abuse issues once and for all.

On top of that, if there has been any domestic violence or physical health issues as a result of the substance abuse, one partner or the other may be more worried about what different rehab facilities may think of them as they enter a couples rehab center.

But still – you both are making the very hard first leap…now the next question is:

What is the best form of rehab for couples that will be most effective for us?

Thanks to the growing number of options, more and more couples, and individuals are getting the substance abuse treatment they need.

From basic behavioral couples therapy to outpatient rehab for couples to complete inpatient rehab, several outstanding options exist.

But the question remains…which type of couples rehab is the best for us?

Let’s look at the various options and decide – based on your personal circumstances – which will work for you.

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Behavioral Couples Therapy

For some couples, dealing with a drug abuse or alcohol abuse issue may mean doing some intense behavioral couples therapy first, before you try anything else.

The downside to this option is that most studies show that, in a couple where both people are struggling with substance abuse, just going to therapy may not be enough to really get to the root – and the solution – of the drug or alcohol addiction.

Make no mistake – therapy is going to do a lot for a couple as they are beginning to work through their substance abuse issues.

Spending time talking to a therapist – particularly if they are well trained in substance abuse treatment – will help a couple begin the process of coming to terms with where the drug and alcohol abuse began, how the couple’s relationship continues to perpetuate it, and what both parties want to do going forward.

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Good behavioral couples therapy will also help the couple start to talk about why they are seeking addiction treatment and what they both hope to gain from it.For many couples who have gotten to the point of considering substance abuse treatment, couples therapy alone may not be enough.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a big monster. Many individuals and couples try for years to tame it with everything from self-help books to abstinence to therapy.

If you and your partner have come to a place where nothing else is working, and your substance abuse issues are still wreaking havoc on your life, you may need more than just some behavioral therapy sessions together to help you both overcome your alcohol and drug addiction, and finally, get you both on the recovery process that you’ve been hoping for.


Outpatient Rehab for Couples

Once a couple has decided that behavioral therapy alone is not going to be enough to address their substance abuse problem once and for all, they may turn next to an outpatient rehab program.

An outpatient couples rehab program will be significantly different than choosing to go to behavioral therapy together.

Though behavioral therapy is a great place to start, this form of treatment may not fully address the issue of substance abuse in the relationship.

The reason is this…

Behavioral therapy is going to help you and your partner talk about some of the underlying issues in your relationship but may not get all the way to the root of your drug abuse or alcohol abuse problem.

Working with real drug and alcohol rehab counselors in an outpatient addiction treatment program will focus less on relationship counseling and more on the drug and alcohol rehab that you both need.

Outpatient couples rehab is also sometimes a good place to start, since neither you nor your partner will need to spend significant amounts of time away from your families or your jobs.
Most outpatient addiction treatment centers will allow you to come and go as needed and can often work around your ability to seek treatment on your schedule.

With an outpatient addiction center, you won’t have to commit to living in the center or losing out on work or family time.

You and your partner will spend time attending various types of therapy, from individual couples’ drug and alcohol rehab to group therapy sessions that may even involve other people struggling with addiction in their relationship.

And, though this may be a realistic addiction treatment for some couples, you will have to decide for yourself if seeking treatment through an outpatient program is really going to be the couples rehab program for you.

Couple in a rehab

Many outpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers can provide solid services for people for whom substance use disorders don’t necessarily need inpatient rehab.

But outpatient rehab isn’t always the best case for everyone.

Alcohol and drug rehab is a tricky business, and anyone who is suffering from a substance use disorder can be the first to attest to that.

Sometimes an individual or a couple will state that – even though outpatient drug or alcohol programs didn’t harm them – they have come to realize that they need a program that is more intense and hands-on than what an outpatient treatment program can provide.


Inpatient Rehab for Couples

The third (and very likely) best option for you and your partner to consider is a rehab program that is an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab facility.

Inpatient couples rehab centers will allow both of you to fully immerse yourselves in the work of getting sober and starting an honest recovery process together.

Sometimes truly successful addiction treatment is going to mean making a commitment to something that is going to force you and your partner to make other sacrifices in order to finally get the help you’ve been seeking, but just haven’t found up until now.

Maybe you’ve tried individual addiction treatment facilities before.

Perhaps you’ve been given addiction medicine or have gone to recovering couples anonymous or have even been willing to try alternative treatment options that your family and friends didn’t agree with, and your health insurance company wasn’t even willing to cover.

Perhaps you’ve also tried alcohol and drug rehab together but in an outpatient setting.

At some point, you may have to finally decide it’s worth going into a true inpatient alcohol and drug rehab program together.

It’s a scary concept.

But you’ve taken the hardest step in doing the research and saying to yourselves…

It’s time we do something to deal with our substance addiction once and for all.


What Can a Good Inpatient Couples Rehab Treatment Center Provide Us?

For the couple that has decided to pursue inpatient treatment, there’s probably a good chance they’ve tried other courses of treatment first.

family therapy

Inpatient rehab is a big commitment on a variety of levels.

Not only will you both have to spend time away from your families and jobs, but inpatient treatment can also sound expensive to many couples who are trying to decide if this sort of couple’s rehab is best for them.

One major benefit of inpatient is the wider option of treatments available. If you’ve been searching for drug rehab for couples near me and not finding what you need. Then making the decision to step away from your day to day life for a few weeks or months allows you to choose anywhere in the country to seek treatment.

And the idea of having to live in a drug or alcohol rehab center may just sound really intimidating or overwhelming.

The good news is this…

Finding the right inpatient rehab center doesn’t have to be difficult.

In fact, it may be one of the easiest things you’ve done since you decided to address your substance use once and for all.

When you are trying to choose an inpatient rehab center, you’ll want to look for certain qualities that make it stand out above others.

Yes, there are lots of rehab centers out there. Finding the right one for you and your partner is going to be crucial to your sobriety, especially when you are both in the early recovery stages.

What Should I Look for in an Inpatient Rehab Center?

One of the first things you’ll want to look for in various rehab centers is whether or not they understand the importance and relevance of how to deal with dual diagnosis treatment.

This will be particularly valuable for the couples struggling with more than one addiction, or when both of you have different substance abuse issues than one another.

Couples drug rehab centers that take into consideration how important dual diagnosis treatment is will be highly valuable to you and your partner’s long-term recovery and both of you maintaining sobriety.

Another important factor to look for is a rehab treatment center that also understands the importance of having the necessary mental health services in place for their couples as well.

All too often, an individual or couple who is struggling with addiction is also struggling with some sort of mental health issue as well.

Making sure that you find a rehab treatment center that specializes in inpatient mental health services, as well as substance use disorders, will be important for all couples struggling through these challenges together.

One way you can do this is to research whether or not the treatment facilities you are contacting have a mental health services administration set up and ready to be a part of your support team.

If they do, then you are well on your way to finding the type of treatment process you and your partner need and deserve.Struggling with addiction and worrisome substance use is hard enough…

Make sure you also find a place that will have the mental health services administration needed to be able to understand, work with, and treat any mental health issues also is going to be imperative to both you and your partner’s recovery process.

Finally, another important part of a strong and reputable inpatient program you will want to look for is one that encourages you and your partner to create a recovery contract together

Recovery contracts are vitally important for couples who decide to go through a real inpatient program together, because they focus on the fact that there is more than one person in the relationship who is part of the substance abuse problem.

family therapy

A good recovery contract – laid out by the inpatient substance use treatment center you choose – will ensure that both you and your partner are agreeing to the same things after you leave treatment.

And that you are both 100% committed to maintaining sobriety long after your inpatient treatment is over.


What We Can do for You at The House of the Rising Sun

If you and your partner decide that an inpatient treatment program is ultimately right for both of you, we can help you take the next step toward getting the life you both have dreamed of.

Our couples rehab facility is one of the best in the country, and we pride ourselves in helping create happier and healthier relationships after a drug or alcohol addiction is kicked to the curb for both of you.

You can call our phone number at 866-507-1035 any time of the day or night.

We have intake counselors and mental health services administration people who are available to you 24/7 to take your call and talk to one partner or both about your decision to receive treatment, regardless of where you or your partner are in the process.

From group therapy sessions to individual counseling and even family therapy, our behavioral treatment facilities and faculty are second to none.

Our excellent staff can also work directly with any of our couples’ rehab insurance providers to make sure that expenses are paid in a timely manner, which means you can spend less time on worrying about the financial part of your inpatient experience, and more time focusing on the new, sober and healthier you.

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Couples rehab is something no romantic relationship ever thinks they are going to have to deal with at some point.Whether you came into this relationship with addiction issues, or they developed over time, there will come a point in many relationships where a couple will realize that the substance use they both have been enjoying is no longer serving them to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

A good alcohol and drug rehab center will help you and your partner recognize this and start working toward being your best selves…together.

If you are looking for the best substance abuse facility for you and your partner, please give our treatment facility a call. We can promise you that your integrity will be upheld, and your anonymity will never be questioned or compromised.

At The House of the Rising Sun, we understand what substance abuse can do to families and couples. And we also know how hard your insurance provider can make it so that you can’t get the help you need.

We also know that if someone isn’t able or willing to reach out for help, it could mean the whole family becomes unhealthy, thanks to the inability of the addicts in the house to address their drug or alcohol issues once and for all.

Spend some time perusing our website and decide if our treatment facility can ultimately provide you with what you and your partner are looking for.

Finding the best American addiction centers location near you doesn’t have to be hard.

If you are looking for the best type of couple’s drug rehab that can care for both you and your loved ones at the same time, we believe we are the best couple’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility available.

Give us a call today. We believe you’ll be incredibly glad you did.