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One of the best parts about the end of each year is the chance to reflect on the decisions and choices we have made in the last 12 months.It’s also a terrific time to start planning ahead for what we want in the year to come.

Some people decide they want to save more money. Others want to quit smoking, work on their mental health, or change the way they eat or exercise.

For many of us, taking a hard look at our relationship with drugs or alcohol is oftentimes one of the most important reflections we can make before the new year begins.

Whatever area you want to focus on in the next year, this is a great time to start.

And – if you can do this with friends or other family members, you may find your success rate is going to be higher when you have this type of support on your side.

Perhaps you and your partner have been talking about areas where you want to work to improve your health and your personal growth in the upcoming year.

Maybe you’ve done this together, or even worked on some of it in marriage counseling or through family therapy with other family members as well.

Regardless of the type of situation you’re in – or what area you’d like to work on – finding a professional and confidential advocate to help you, your partners, or other family members is going to be key.By finding the help and support system you need means that everyone involved is going to have a better chance of experiencing the personal growth they are looking for and changing the old habits for good.

Often, though, the first question people have when they’ve decided to seek help for an addiction issue or life change they’d like to make is this…

Where do we start?

And what’s the best course of action for our situation?

Luckily, in the Santa Ana area, there are numerous resources that can lend a helping hand to individuals, couples, and families who are ready to make some changes to their relationships, their mental health, their parenting skills, or their addiction problems.

A couple with their therapist

A couple with their therapist


How Much Does My Mental Health Have to do With My Current Struggles?

Talking about a person’s mental health can be quite complex, as there are so many factors that influence it.

Many experts believe that the majority of their client’s mental health issues are hereditary, and that a person’s family history is the best predictor of what sorts of problems may arise for them throughout their lifetime.

The husband talking to a therapist

The husband talking to a therapist

Others believe that much of our mental health is derived from our environment, what types of situations life presents to us and how our feelings factor into that.

Factors like childhood trauma, divorce, substance abuse, physical abuse, and relationship situations may have a lot more to do with how healthy we are mentally than just what type of genetics we were gifted at birth.

Currently, the most popular belief is that both our genes and our environment play roles in our mental health and how equipped we are to handle it.

For example, a person dealing with high anxiety may discover through family therapy that another family member struggles with anxiety that has been so severe they have needed significant therapy or even medication to address it.

Another person with the same level of anxiety may find that theirs is more situational and that – by understanding what causes it – a good therapist can help them find the tools necessary to cope with it in the future.

Deciding what route you wish to take when seeking treatment for mental health issues can sometimes be tricky.

Some people turn solely to a self help book, thinking that is going to make enough of a difference long term.

Others decide that they need something deeper and will look for a family therapy professional who deals with whatever type of issues they may be struggling with.

Still, others may decide they need a program that goes beyond what most family therapists can provide.

A happy couple during a therapy session

A happy couple during a therapy session

In a situation like this, an individual, couple, or family member may start researching various in-patient treatment options that exist for the particular struggle they may be having.


What Would Make It Necessary for a Person to Go to an Inpatient Rehab Facility?

Making the choice to seek inpatient treatment for a disorder is a big decision and one that most people don’t take lightly.

Oftentimes, many behaviors can be worked through with a self help book, self-reflection, or with a good and qualified therapist.

One such example of this is when two people decide they want to go to couples therapy because there has been a history of infidelity in their relationship.

A couple holding hands

A couple holding hands

Though infidelity can be a challenge for a couple to overcome, many times couples therapy can help both individuals process the painful feelings that have resulted from it, and talk about the root causes that led to the behavior in the first place.Even if one person in the relationship has had a history of repeated offenses, often couples therapy can still be the best type of treatment for understanding the reasons for the ongoing behavior, and what will need to be done to end it.

On the other hand, a person who has struggled with eating disorders may find that talk therapy alone will not be enough to help them beat this disease once and for all.

Eating disorders are highly complex and may take more intervention than what a regular therapist can offer.

In a situation like this one, the individual who is struggling with the eating disorder may have no choice but to eventually decide that an inpatient rehab treatment facility is the only and best option for them if they want to fully heal and be able to live a healthy life.

Another prime example of when an inpatient treatment facility may be a person or couple’s best option is when there is a substance abuse disorder in the lives of the individual, couple, or family.

When one or more people in a family unit are struggling with drugs or drinking, they may try a variety of different services to help them get sober before they decide that inpatient therapy is the best alternative for them.

From attempting to do it on their own to attending sobriety meetings or individual therapy, a person who is struggling with addiction issues is usually going to exhaust all their options before they go to a rehab facility.

But eventually, they may decide they have no other choice.Addiction to alcohol and/or drugs has become an enormous problem in our society.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are more than 140,000 deaths attributed to alcohol use every year in the United States.

Not only that, but it’s also believed that almost 100,000 Americans die by drug overdose each year as well.

With numbers this staggering, it becomes clear how devastating drug and alcohol addiction can be to someone. Not to mention what it does to the children, spouses, and other family members that it leaves behind.

There are many individuals who can battle their drug or alcohol addiction and win, without ever having to go to an inpatient rehab.

But there are plenty of others who can’t.

A couple sitting

A couple sitting

Inpatient rehab can sound intimidating to many. No one would blame a person who is scared of the idea of such an intense type of treatment program.

But, at some point, an individual or couple may have to ask themselves…

If I want to begin to live my life the way I deserve to – free of behaviors that have held me back – is inpatient treatment the best course for me?

A couple sitting disgruntled

A couple sitting disgruntled


Is Inpatient Rehab Right for My Partner and Me?

If you and your partner are both struggling with an addiction, deciding to go to couples rehab may be one of the hardest and best decisions you’ve both ever had to make.

Addiction is a difficult disease, and many people struggle for years before they finally choose a path that will finally result in giving them the necessary tools to remove their substance disorders from their life for good.

If you live in the Santa Clara area, consider calling the San Clemente Alcohol & Drug Rehab & Addiction Treatment Center today.

We are a fully licensed inpatient treatment center that has worked with individuals and couples for years to help them begin reclaiming their lives from the addictive behaviors that have taken them away.

Our facility is focused on providing the appropriate couples counseling that will make sure both you and your partner have the support and reassurance necessary to learn how to live a successful and happy life without drugs and/or alcohol playing a role in it.

Through couples therapy, family therapy, and other forms of treatment, our skilled medical professionals will walk with you every step of the way during your time here at San Clemente.

We also provide individual therapy for each person in the relationship and will provide both you and your partner with a professional and confidential advocate to ensure that – while you are working through your substance use disorders as a couple, you are also getting the individualized attention you need on your journey to recovery.

And – even if you don’t live close to Santa Ana – getting to our facility is easy, thanks to our convenient location in Southern California and larger cities, like Los Angeles. So if you’re looking for couple rehab Irvine, Costa Mesa or as far as Florida, we can help.

As the end of the year draws to a close, we are all reminded that life presents us with hundreds of choices as we move through it.

Make a choice for yourself and your loved ones today.

Give us a call and see how our treatment center has helped individuals like you finally move past a relationship with substances and discover the lives they were meant to live.