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Making the decision to go to rehab is tough…and making the decision to go to rehab with a partner can be even tougher.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • Couples rehab can mean many different things, from couples therapy to outpatient treatment to an inpatient center, depending on your individual needs.
  • Though there are numerous options around the United States, each treatment center is different, and you need to identify your own needs to know which will be best for you.
  • From the facility and length of stay to the types of therapy sessions offered, make sure to look for certain factors in a facility, regardless of which one you choose.

When a couple comes to terms with the fact that they have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol, they may decide to try a variety of different solutions before they resort to an inpatient treatment center.

Some may start with couples therapy, hoping that a family therapist can help fix their relationship issues – which they then hope will lead to getting their substance abuse issues under control.

Others may realize that their relationship issues are being caused by the substance abuse and they will seek outpatient treatment for their addiction along with their couples therapy in order to get to the root of the problem.

But for many couples who struggle with substance abuse, there may come a time when they realize that no matter how much couples therapy they attend or outpatient services they seek, their problems with drugs and/or alcohol aren’t going to get resolved without a full inpatient experience.

If you are one of these couples, then you may decide that a couples rehab near me like House of the Rising Son in Mission Viejo, CA is the right treatment center for you.


Why Choose Mission Viejo, CA for Your Couples Rehab Experience?

Though there is plenty of couples rehab centers around the United States, there are often times vast differences among them.

So…what type of criteria should you be looking for when trying to decide which one is going to be best for you?

Though each couple is going to have their own list of wants and needs when it comes to the right inpatient treatment facility, there are certain things that you should look for regardless of everything else.

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Let’s look at what those things are.


Residential Living and Length of Stay

One of the most important aspects of any good inpatient treatment center is going to be centered around what sort of living environment is offered.

An inpatient treatment center is exactly what the name implies. When choosing an inpatient program, you and your partner will agree to live on the premises for the set amount of time that your program will last.

Most inpatient treatment programs last anywhere from 30 to 90 days and are usually dependent on the severity of a person’s or couple’s drug and/or alcohol problem.

A traditional alcohol or drug rehab program will usually last around 30 days and a social worker, medical professional, or couples therapist will typically suggest a program of this length for partners who have a moderate drinking problem.

A 30-day program will include individual therapy as well as couples therapy. Group therapy with other couples or individuals of the same gender may also be part of the overall program.

For couples who have a more severe drug and/or alcohol addiction, or when there is a dual diagnosis involved, stays of 60 to 90 days may be suggested.

(A dual diagnosis is defined as anytime one or both partners are dealing with mental health issues alongside their drug and/or alcohol issues as well.)

Another reason that a lengthier stay might be suggested is in a situation where there has been domestic violence in the relationship or there have been other types of relationship issues that have caused harm and trust issues for either or both individuals.

In a case like this, longer stays may be necessary to truly get to the root of the problems and help the recovery process begin.

At House of the Rising Son in Mission Viejo, our intake therapists can work with you and your partner to decide what length of stay is going to be best for both of you, depending on your type of addiction, the severity of your addiction,n and what dynamics are at play in your relationship that may be affecting your present lives and the challenges surrounding your substance use disorder.


Types of Therapy

As mentioned earlier, most inpatient treatment programs that focus on couples will incorporate a wide range of therapy sessions into the program.

This is important for a variety of reasons.

First, individual therapy is often recommended, even for a couple that is entering into rehab together.

One of the main reasons for this is that in order for a couple to break the cycle of addiction, each person needs to come to that decision on their own, even if they are committed to beginning sobriety together.

The husband staring at the wife during a couple therapy

Through individual therapy, both parties can address their own relationship with their substance abuse, their background, and family history as well as discuss whether or not they have any mental health issues that could also be a factor in their addiction.

Second, it is imperative that any treatment program for a couple who is struggling with addiction has couples therapy sessions as an integral part of the overall program plan.

Participating in couples counseling is a must for both partners. A good couples therapist will be able to help both people in the relationship be able to learn how to support each other through their recovery process while also helping them learn new tools to be able to effectively communicate their wants and needs without using drugs or alcohol in the process.

Finally, the third most common and widely used form of therapy in an inpatient treatment program will be group therapy.

Group therapy sessions are sometimes open to both members of a couple. Other times they are based on gender or specific to your substance use disorder.

But regardless of the parameters of group therapy, it can be an extremely useful resource for a couple to be part of a group setting with others that are experiencing many of the same struggles.

Clients gain some valuable perspectives when they are sharing their struggles with others and gain some valuable insights as well.


The House of the Rising Son: Mission Viejo, California’s Premier Treatment Center for You

Whether you live near Mission Viejo or not, The House of the Rising Son is Southern California’s premier treatment center for you and your partner to discover the life you can lead without drugs and alcohol playing a part in it.

Because of our close proximity to Los Angeles, our facility is able to bring in the most skilled medical professionals, mental health experts, and family therapist teams to best treat your substance abuse issues and any underlying mental health issues that may be at play. We’re a great option if you’re considering couples rehab Lake Forest, Orange County or beyond.

Our doctors, social workers, and therapists have all had extensive experience helping people just like you find the tools they need and the extra support necessary to take on the enormous challenges that any addiction creates.

New clients will quickly be assessed and will work closely with their team to chart out the course of action and begin the road to recovery from the moment you and your partner enter our facility.

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If you’ve made the difficult choice to start a couples rehab program, then The House of the Rising Son is here to help you make the next one.

Reach out to us today to find out how The House of the Rising Son can be your safe haven to take on the challenges of sobriety and begin your healing journey.

Your well being is our number one priority and helping you start down your road to recovery is our goal.

The House of the Rising Son…make us your next phone call.

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